Exhibition in Lessedra Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
December 11th 2014 – February 21st 2015

December 11th – Official ceremony for the opening of the exhibition
with visiting artists and jury members:
  • HANNIE KORTLAND, Netherlands – First Prize Winner from the 4th Painting & Mixed Media Competition
  • ANNA YANEVA, Bulgaria – Professor of Art New Bulgarian University
  • KIRSTI GROTMOL, Norway – Featured Artist
  • ENIL ENCHEV, Bulgaria – Artist

Тhe catalogue

ARCHIVO GRAFICO, Mexico - Special Presentation

General View of the exhibition

General view with the Special Presentation of Hannie Kortland, Netherlands - First Prize Winner of the 4th edition

Kirsti Grotmol, Norway - Featured Artist

Hannie Kortland judging the works
Anna Yaneva selecting the works
Enil Enchev asking google for more precise selection of works
Hannie and Anna during the judging
Hannie and Enil working
Hannie explaining to Anna and to Enil about her works
Opening reception
Opening reception
Opening reception
Opening reception
Opening reception
Opening reception

Prize Winners

First Prize, LEONARDO RIAL, Spain
Second Prize, BARBARA NISCIOR, Poland
Second Prize, VINCENT SMETS, Belgium
Third Prize, SAIDA EL KIYALE, Morocco
Third Prize, GEORGIANNA KRALLI, Sweden
Third Prize, WOLFGANG LIEBELT, Germany
Special Prize, ANITA DE BAAIJ, The Netherlands
Special Prize, J R RAPIER, U. S. A.
Special Prize, LINE MARSDAL, Norway
Special Prize, SUSAN MEZQUITA, Dominican Republic