Workshop Lessidren Winter 1998

Evgeni Kuzmanov

Evgueni Kouzmanov is a well known Bulgarian artist and writer.

Born on 13 May 1941 in the town of Radomir. During his youth he was a professional soccer player. In 1975 he graduated the Academy of Arts in Sofia, from the Department of Fine Arts with Prof. Kroumov at the head, speciality sculpture.

His Diploma Work was a Gagarin stone figure 5 meters in height, bought by the town of Gabrovo

He is involved in the cultural life of the country by participations in national and independent exhibitions, national symposia dedicated to stone sculpture and by publications in the central press. He has six books including novels, short stories and novelettes.

As a sculptor he works mainly in stone, small figures.

The original small stone figures does not belong to the genres that can often be met in European galleries. The works of the artist, due to their elegance and perfectionism, made him unique, discernible at first sight in this art of thought and power, where any mistake is difficult to correct. The small stone sculptures where the ancestral elements of nature meet-stone and iron-but controlled by the artist’s feelings and mind, collects artistic emanation of the purest kind. For the artist himself says: “I pick up from the earth a dirty, anonymous stone which I know and love. I make of it what I want but also what it allows to be done with it. And we both are happy if something is achieved, something that deserves to stand at the right hand of God.”

Some of his works are owned by the National Art Gallery, The City Gallery of Sofia, several galleries throughout the country and also abroad: Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, etc.

EK_orel.jpg (36674 bytes)

ЕВГЕНИ КУЗМАНОВ - ОРЕЛ, 1998, бронз, 28х32х42, $1500

EKzena_i_orel-I.jpg (51921 bytes)

ЕВГЕНИ КУЗМАНОВ - ЖЕНА И ОРЕЛ  I, 1998, пастел, 45х33, 150

EKzena_i_orel-I.jpg (51921 bytes)

ЕВГЕНИ КУЗМАНОВ - ЖЕНА И ОРЕЛ  II, 1998, пастел, 45х33, 150

EKzena_i_orel-I.jpg (51921 bytes)

ЕВГЕНИ КУЗМАНОВ - ЖЕНА И ОРЕЛ  III, 1998, пастел, 45х33, 150